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Sally sitting on her throne, gazing into space in her comfortable home in Chrishall, the last paradise on earth for a young girl who escaped the horrors of war and found a dream she will never forget... 

 This fascinating story depicts the life of Sally Bone who, as a four year old girl, is evacuated from her home in London during the Second World War. Separated from her beloved Nursie and being put onto a train full of evacuees, Sally’s fate is sealed when she quickly chooses a kind looking man who she wants to take care of her. 

Unable to resist this happy and confident little girl, the man takes Sally back to his comfortable home in Chrishall where Sally enjoys a special childhood with her Uncle Fred and Aunt Jessie who treat her like their own daughter. Sally has many special times with her new family, with magical Christmases and birthdays as well as the routines of baking days with Aunt Jessie, trips in Uncle Fred’s car, music lessons with Miss Rogers and singing in the church. She makes close friends with Aunt Joyce who was originally the mysterious figure who lived in the bungalow she knew nothing about, and she falls in love with a boy named John who shares her enthusiasm for music and performing.
Sally is so happy at Chrishall that when her father eventually visits her there, she pleads with him to let her stay with the Cranwell family in the place she calls her ‘kingdom’. These formative years are written expertly and are a wonderful portrayal of childhood innocence.Sally’s sunny character is also particularly well conceived and conveyed.
As well as the happy times, Sally also recalls the more poignant implications of living under the shadow of the war and she describes how five young boys from surrounding villages never returned home after serving in the army and Uncle Fred’s anxiety as he waits for his own son to come back home from the war.
The reader experiences the impact of war from a child’s innocent perspective whilst simultaneously incorporating the adults’ emotions. Churchill’s speech of victory was the first true disaster in Sally’s life. She promised all her loved ones, that she would make them famous. She would write about them. Tell the world about them. 
Map of the U.K. and holland
When Sally returns home to her mother Gertrude and her father Frank, the story takes on a different angle. Here, we learn how Sally’s optimism and charm is inherited from her father and her astute business sense and ambition is from her mother’s side. Life is not quite as rosy at home with her career-minded mother but there is no doubt that her father loves her very much. After Grammar School, Sally trains to become a nurse and finds herself at the Banardo’s Hospital for Children where she once again thrives in her surroundings. She strikes up what is to be a life-long friendship with Dot who is at first portrayed as a bit of a wallflower compared to Sally but they become very suited to each other as their relationship grows. Sally’s happy demeanour sees her liked by her colleagues and patients alike but this part of her life brings a mixture of sad times working with some very sick children and happy times through the formation of close bonds with children such as Keithie. It is during her time at the hospital when she learns of the death of her beloved Aunt Jessie and returns back to her ‘kingdom’ for the funeral.
When Sally finds herself a Dutch penpal named Dirk Jan van der Poel, she is swept off her feet and takes a holiday to Amsterdam to meet him. Sally falls in love with ‘Cloggie’ and the Dutch culture so much that she embarks on the next chapter of her life living in Amsterdam.
Sheila and Cloggie Amsterdam 1956
She and Cloggie have a romantic and wonderful relationship and eventually marry in a registry office in Amsterdam. However, as is customary in Holland at that time, Sally’s contract of employment was terminated but she finds work almost immediately working for an American Pharmaceutical company instead. Cloggie eventually becomes a teacher but disaster strikes when he has a scooter accident and breaks both of his legs. This begins a testing time for their marriage and their once solid relationship begins to wane a little. The author has managed to incorporate a powerful element of realism into the characters of Sally and Cloggie and she encapsulates the ups and downs of marriage particularly well.
Sally’s successful business sees her living quite an independent life from her sick husband and it becomes quite clear that they are married in name only, so when Dr Leslie Blitz enters Sally’s life, and they start a secret loving and passionate relationship, the reader feels that she deserves some true happiness at this point and does not look upon the affair unfavourably. Her contentment is unfortunately short lived and Blitzie dies in a car accident, leaving her devastated.
When Cloggie dies, Sally accidentally discovers that her husband also had a secret affair during their marriage, which again lightens any judgement about her affair with Blitzie. Catapulted into another new and more liberated lifestyle, Sally’s freedom is cut short when she nearly dies after a tragic accident which guides her to death’s door.
To this day Sally will tell you “my friends from the war kept the doors of heaven closed”. They wanted to make sure I would keep my promise. She has to embark on a rehabilitation programme, which brings an element of danger into her life in the form of Charlie Cohen. Sally sees through Charlie’s wicked plan, however, thanks to her perceptive personality and unconditional support from her wide network of friends, she manages to survive.
As the story closes, Sally takes a trip to Chrishall where she catches up with her old friends and learns more secrets about the lives of her other family. This is a brilliant movement in the plot because it not only shows the strength of her feelings for the people who took care of her all those years ago, but it also gives closure to any unanswered questions about her adopted family.....

 978-1-906302-16-0 Blenheim Press

Sally Bone, ISBN: 978-1-906302-16-0

Curious? Read the preview! Click following link to download the first 15 pages of this romantic inspiring adventure

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