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Z.K.H (H.R.H) Vivaldi
I’m the richest dog in town. In order to retain a roof over my head, I have my own private account with the ABN – 4% interest. My pension is safe. No fear of loosing my juicy bones and security, should I find myself alone in the world, alone without my Sally and the rest of the gang.
Unfortunately, Vivaldi passed away at the age of 5 years. Like so many of his breed, illness but not time was granted to him.
The Vivaldi book is available in English and Dutch.
A moving document about the maltreatment of pedigree Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in general and about the life of Vivaldi, Ms Fields Cavalier. Sorry for Dutch readers only.
Dit Document beschrijft de misstanden in de wereld van de rashonden, de Cavalier King Charles Spaniël en het leven van Vivaldi, de Cavalier King Charles Spaniël van Sheila Fields.
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