Vivaldi English bookcover
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You will shed tears, you will cry with laughter! A sensational adventure created by seven courageous dogs who are all determined to improve the world they live in... All beautifully illustrated by Peter van Harmelen


Vivaldi never really liked chatting about his birthday. It always made him feel sad and uncomfortable.There was so much the little chappie wanted to forget.“What do you want this year for a present? How about a talking book about your ancestors? Your race does go back a long, long way.”

George smelled his hesitation.“Vivaldi my friend, are you out of sorts, anything I can do for you? Fresh water perhaps? Would you like to change cushions? I’m not fussy if you want to sit nearer the fire, it’s fine with me.”

Vivaldi was silent, not a word. Not even one of his little grunts. His long ears had been beautifully brushed, his lovely white tail hanging over his cushion, his deep brown eyes looking oh, so sad.

Vivaldi and George by the fireplace


“George, my friend, I think the time has come for me to tell you the truth. I am a Cavalier but, I’m…” the first little tear began to fall from his lovely brown eyes. Poor George had never seen a Cavalier with a tear in his eye and his immediate reaction was to place his rather large paw onto that of Vivaldi.

“If it’s so sad” he said “please don’t talk about it. If you cry, I will too and if Sal catches us crying she will stop us being alone together in the future. I’ll get the blame; you know what she’s like.”   “I know,” Vividly replied, “that is what I intended telling you about. Sal spoils me because she rescued me.”

The two doggies were desperately silent. George couldn’t believe his ears. “It’s not true that I am from blue blood. I am an authentic Cavalier but not Royal.”  Poor Vivaldi’s lips began to tremble. He looked so very, very sad. “Are you sure George,” Vivi enquired, “really sure you would like to hear the whole story?”


Vivaldi and George discussing

George by this time had taken out his little pipe, which, in reality was a chew pipe to keep his teeth clean, wiggled his back side into the velvet cushion, one little paw on the pipe the other casually on the table, both eyes focused in the direction of his chum, who he was sure was about to recite, with all the necessary tones of sadness and joy, the most crucifying story ever told by a Cavalier. Patience is a virtue George whispered once more to himself. I knew I would discover the bond between my friend and Mrs. Sally one day.

The fire was still crackling in the hearth; their bowls of water untouched, there was a touch of doggy anticipation in the air, neither one of them could talk. George coughed. Vivaldi gave a tiny grunt. It was the clock that chimed eleven a.m. a whisper telling them to get a move on. They only had one hour to go.

Twelve o’clock was walking time and Rosemary, everyone’s companion, was always on time for those sessions.

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